National Museum of Contemporary Art Athens: “Companionship with Contemporary Art” for elderly people and people with difficulties

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“Companionship with Contemporary Art” is a programme that brings elderly people and people with difficulties in mobility into contact with art. It is implemented by the Education department of the National Museum of Contemporary Art and the Municipality of Athens’ programme “Help at Home”. It was realised for the first time in October 2022 until May 2023. A second cycle is realised from October 2023 until May 2024.

“Help at Home” aims to provide social care to non-self-supporting citizens, the elderly and people with disabilities, by specialists and qualified staff, with priority given to those who live alone. “Help at Home” includes counseling and psychological support, family help and companionship.

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“Companionship with Contemporary Art” is a series of visits made by the education staff of the museum to the homes of people who wish to know more about the institution, its collections and exhibitions, but are unable to visit it. Works of art from the collection of EMST or that have been displayed in the museum’s exhibitions are shown in the form of images and videos in order to encourage discussions on various topics with each participant in the programme. The main goal is bonding, interaction and creative companionship and dialogue based on the arts.


At the same time and in collaboration with the Friendship Clubs of the Municipality of Athens, EMST hosts a program of visits/guided tours of groups of elderly people. We discuss artworks and ideas connected to them to encourage creative thinking and share stories.

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Concept and coordination for EMST: Ioakeim Theodoridis (Cultural manager)
Coordination for the Municipality of Athens: Anna Kostopoulou (Head of Elderly Care department)
EMST Collaborators: Elisabeth Ioannides (Education curator), Dimitris Kannas (Animateur), Marina Tsekou (Education curator)

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