The return of the Wall of Sound event – DVS1 at EON Athens

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DVS1 & SIX D.O.G.S is thrilled to announce the much-anticipated return of the Wall of Sound event. Following its debut last year, this unparalleled musical extravaganza makes its grand reappearance, echoing through the vibrant heart of Europe. As twilight embraces Athens, brace yourself for an auditory odyssey that transcends the ordinary. This event is not just about listening to music; it’s about experiencing a symphony of sounds that reverberates through your very soul. Join us in a celebration where history, innovation, and a harmonious blend of electronic rhythms come alive in the most extraordinary way.

At the core of the Wall of Sound experience is the visionary artist, Zak Khutoresky, better known as DVS1. His influence in the electronic music scene is legendary, with a passion for sound that transforms any venue.. DVS1’s dedication to crafting unique soundscapes is unparalleled, and his skill in manipulating audio elements creates an atmosphere that envelops the audience in a world of auditory splendor.

Zak’s philosophy extends beyond mere music production. He is an architect of experiences, blending techno rhythms with a meticulous attention to detail. This year, his artistic genius will elevate the event to new heights, promising an experience that goes beyond mere entertainment – it’s a journey into the soul of electronic music. The Wall of Sound, under his guidance, becomes more than a concert; it’s a pilgrimage for every electronic music enthusiast.

At EON Athens, the Wall of Sound is an immersive odyssey where sound transcends the boundaries of mere listening. Here, each vibration is a tactile sensation, resonating within, offering a unique connection that blurs the line between the music and the listener. This event is more than a performance; it’s a symphony of emotions and rhythms, creating an unforgettable, shared experience of musical euphoria that echoes in the memory long after the night ends.

This year’s Wall of Sound at EON Athens is set to transcend previous experiences with its significant enhancements. The event showcases the cutting-edge L-acoustics sound system, enriching the auditory landscape to new levels of depth and clarity. Elevating the visual dimension, Strobert, the renowned lighting mind behind Amsterdam’s Reaktor events, brings his distinctive flair to Athens. His mastery in lighting design is poised to create a stunning visual harmony that complements the immersive sound. DVS1, captures the essence of this evolution with his words: “Last year was a special opportunity to present this in Athens. For the next version, we are going even deeper into the concept.”

Moreover, we’re cultivating an environment focused purely on the music and the moment. With a strict no photo and video policy, attendees are encouraged to immerse themselves fully in the experience, fostering a deeper connection with the music, the artists, and fellow attendees. This policy enhances the collective experience, allowing the crowd to be present in the moment, unencumbered by the distractions of the digital world.


Saturday 30 March 2024 10:00 pm
EON, Emmanouil Pappa 13, Egaleo 122 42, Athens

PHASE 1: 30€ (200 Available)
PHASE 2: 35€ / Monday 12.02
PHASE 3: 40€ / Monday 25.03
DOOR: 45€

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