“Magic Mirror” in two historic buildings of Hydra

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Wilhelmina’s art gallery, located on the island of Hydra, presents from 17 June to 21 July the group exhibition “Magic Mirror”, curated by Wilhelmina von Blumenthal and the artist Irini Karagiannopoulou.

More than 30 international artists present paintings, sculpture, photography, installations and works on paper based on the mirror and its symbolism. “The Magic Mirror” is a set of reflections and counter-reflections that escape the narrow boundaries of logic. The works converse with each other in unexpected ways, creating a psychedelic puzzle where truth and illusion on the one hand collide and on the other identify. As the two curators note, the exhibition focuses on the artists’ ability to both reflect and distort reality.

The exhibition will take place in two historic buildings in Hydra that are connected by the sea – and a boat ride lasting about ten minutes.

Maria Joannou, Curtains Down

One side of the mirror is presented at Hydrogoios / Keresbino located near the port and the other at Wilhelmina’s art gallery, located at Mandraki Resort.

Loukia Alavanou, WW1
Didier Marcel Amphores

The participants are: Emma Ainala, Chloe and Alexis Akrithakis, Lucia Alavanou, Pilar Albarracín, Andreas Vais, Belkis Balpinar, Burçak Bingöl, Lindsey Calla, The Callas (Lakis & Aris Ionas), Saint Clair Cemin, Charlotte Colbert, Simon Demeuter, Lionel Estève, Helen Flockhart, Hilary Galbreaith, Hippolyte Hentgen, Maria Ioannou, Alison Jones, Jason Kambanis, Irini Karagiannopoulou, Marin Kasimir, Peggy Kouroumalos, Jacqueline Lentzou, Natalia Manda, Didier Marcel, Theo Michael, Robert Montgomery, Mathieu Renard, Philip Tsiaras, Xenia Vitos, William Wegman, Janet Werner, Erwin Wurm, Marianna Hadjinikolaou.

Irini Karayannopoulou, Daffodil 2042×2048


Opening: 17 June 5.30-8pm

Exhibition Duration: 18 June – 21 July 2024

Wilhelmina’s art gallery, Mandraki Beach, HydraHydrogoios / Keresbino, Hydra

The opening will take place on 17 June, from 5.30 to 8pm at Hydrogoios / Keresbino. The Magic Mirror exhibition will remain open to the public for five weeks during which there will be performances, artist talks, screenings and concerts, culminating in a performance by The Callas on 20 July.

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