Cultural DestiNAtions: Athens International Airport, a meeting point for different cultures

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Athens International Airport invites its passengers and visitors to another “cultural journey” to new destinations.

Cultural experiences full of music, colors, culinary delights and many surprises set the tone and DNA of Cultural DestiNAtions, destinations which we will experience inside the Athens airport, beginning in December with India and Ethiopia.

The ”Cultural DestiNAtions” programme is a cultural project of the Athens International Airport, with the artistic curation of the contemporary culture platform elculture.

The first events of Cultural DestiNAtions:

India: Monday, December 4th
Ethiopia: Friday, December 15th
Korea: Friday, January 26th

Even more exciting routes around the world will follow, “taking” passengers and airport visitors to unique places in order to get to know the people, the customs and traits of each culture.

Cultural DestiNAtions events take place in an area open to the public, on the Departures Level of Athens International Airport.

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